We are holding a HAM radio class on Feb. 8th @ 8:00 a.m. at the LDS Church on Chavez.  If you are planning to come to the class please print out this handout before coming to the class!!!  We will NOT have copies at the class.  I suggest printing it out in color if possible.  This is an excellent class, I highly recommend it for EVERYONE!!!

Print only one of the following!!!  If  your eyesight is good print out the small print (it has four pages on one) If you would like a larger print (one page per page), print the large print.

Class Presentation – Large Print - 100 pages

Class Presentation – Small Print - 25 pages

Recent emergency situations have taught us a lot about the importance of having several different forms of communication available following an emergency. In some situations cell phone service has been more reliable than land lines, we’ve also seen the opposite. Texting and social networks have been amazing resources for relaying information following other emergency situations. In the Herriman fires cell phone lines were jammed, HAM radio operators came to the rescue. HAM radio operators helped evacuate the large animals among other duties. Obtaining your HAM radio license is another way to stay connected to those you want to hear from and those who want to hear from you. Several classes are taught every year.

Brett Bailey taught us a little about HAM radios and the difference between different forms of communication. His handout is below and it is excellent!


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