Natural Yeast (Sourdough)

We were honored to have The Bread Geek aka Melissa Richardson come and teach us about the multiple benefits of using Natural Yeast in our baking.  It was an amazing class!  Her handouts are below.

Natural Yeast Class

Starter Instructions

Natural Yeast Recipes

Honey Whole Wheat Handout

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2 thoughts on “Natural Yeast (Sourdough)

  1. What is the name of the lady who does the video above on Natural Yeast? Is it Melissa Richardson? She mentions a book she wrote, and wonder if its the book by Melissa, called Beyond Basics with Natural Yeast?


  2. Yes, It is Mellissa Richardson. She has written two books, The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast and Beyond Basics with Natural Yeast.

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