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Hi – Thanks for tuning in to Caffeinated Preparedness.  I’m a wife to an amazing (and patient) husband and mom to five wonderful (and very busy) kids.  I’m an emergency preparedness enthusiast with a severe addiction to Mountain Dew.  I like to think I’m not an emergency preparedness alarmist, I try to be positive and realistic while getting my family prepared for unforeseen emergencies .  Earthquakes, job loss, economical distress or even a truckers strike could disrupt food supply, cash flow and fuel supply.  I prefer to be in control of situations and not rely on others to take care of me and my family no matter the circumstance. With proper planning it’s not a big deal to gather extra supplies and learn basic skills.

My approach is to budget some time and money each month and focus on a particular emergency preparedness topic.  Trying to tackle every need you might have during an emergency situation all at once is unrealistic and would create MAJOR stress!  In my opinion, emergency prep. is an ongoing ADVENTURE, one that can always be improved upon.

I organize classes and group buys on emergency preparedness to help me and my neighbors become better prepared.  The theory that “you are only as prepared as your neighbors” keeps me motivated to not only learn about emergency prep and gather needed supplies but to share that knowledge with my friends and family.   If we all do our part to “become prepared” we can all help each other if the need arises!  Emergency preparedness is easy to put on the back burner behind everything else in our busy lives.  Hopefully all the awesome information on this website will make emergency prep. so easy you won’t have to spend tons of time researching it.

I don’t consider myself an emergency prep. expert but I do try and get the best products and teachers to help me on this quest for self reliance!  Join me in my adventure!!!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Sheri,
    Thanks for talking with me and your willingness to accomodate me. I stayed up quite late watching the videos. I don’t know what is best for me. I am going to wait. I am not ready to make a decision bases on my circumstances.
    Dave Block

  2. Sheri-Hi, Imy name is Kristen Micklos and I am trying to get the contact info on the Tateoleas–do you know if they are speaking at functions on a somewhat regular basis? I know they spoke for your group and I would love to have them come and do a fireside for our stake in Cottonwood Heights….
    thanks for your help, Kristen

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