Solar Power / Wind Power

This is one of the most broad subjects that we cover.  Solar power covers so many aspects of emergency preparedness that it’s tough to know where to start.  If you are looking for solar power for cooking, try looking under “Cooking without Power”.  If you are looking for more information on powering your home or learning more about batteries etc. you are in the right place!  The handouts below are very informative.

Solar Power Class

Example of Cheaper Solar Panels – Alternative Power

Explain Battery Capacity

Wind Electricity Basics

Solar Electricity Basics
Brett Bailey and Richard Bytendorp taught this class on alternative energy souces

Tons of thanks to Steve Duckworth for all the preparation he put into this solar class.  Steve focused on how solar energy works, how solar panels work to capture it, the difference between solar panels and more.  In Steve’s reserch he found that GoalZero has  a great product and surpasses the competition.  He had lots of informaiton on using a whole home natural gas/propane generator to help those who’s needs surpas GoalZero’s limitations.  I have attached a video of Steve’s class and a copy of his powerpoint presentation below.


Steve Duckworth Solar Class



Please be respectful when using any information from these handouts and videos. Credit should be given to the those who compiled the information, presented the classes and to Some information on this website is copyrighted and is used by permission.


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