Cooking Without Power

This is a topic we have covered a lot because it is so vital to survival.  There are several products on the market that I love. I seem to find more every time we offer this class.  This is an important topic and often overlooked by people when they are working to collect everything they need to be self-sufficient.  The hardest part about cooking without power and deciding which products to purchase and store is to not put all of your eggs in one basket.  You can’t store enough fuel for long-term and you can’t count on the suns power for everyday use.  I would suggest getting several different products and taking advantage of products like the wonderoven (haybox) that keeps food cooking w/out using additional fuel.  As with everything in emergency preparedness, you need to consider what items you need for 72 hour kits, Grab N’ Go kits, and long-term use.

I have attached several different handouts from our classes as well as some classes I have taped and put on YouTube.

No Power Cookers Handout



Haybox Cookery

fuel considerations 3

Alternative cooking

Dutch Oven Handouts - Mark Hansen

Cooking Without Power Class – Notes from Sheri 10-4-16

Cooking Without Power Class

Sun Oven Cooking Class

Mark’s Dutch Oven Cooking Class

All American Sun Oven

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