Pressure Cooking/Canning

Kristine Pryor and Denise McClanahan did such a fun job with their class.  Not only was it very informative, it was fun to watch.  I spent many years afraid of my pressure canner and I’m sad I was such a wimp.  Pressure canning/cooking saves time, money and allows you to do things you normally couldn’t.  I’ve included the handouts, recipes and a video of the class.  ENJOY!!!

If you are not familiar with the difference between Pressure Cooking and Pressure Canning please make sure you familiarize yourself with the difference.  Cooking times are drastically different depending on if you are pressure cooking or pressure canning.


Pressure Cooking Handout – Denise

Pressure Canning Handout – Kristine

USDA Home Canning

Mistakes in Canning Handout

Pumpkin pressure canned

White Beans and Ham Bottled

Vegetable Soup Bottled

Refried Beans

Pumpkin smoothie w pic

Pumpkin Roll

Dry Beans USDA method

Pumpkin Pancakes

Chili with White Chicken and Corn

Chicken Enchiladas

Black Bean Soup

Please be respectful and honest when using any information from these handouts and videos. Credit should be given to the those who compiled the information, presented the classes and to Some information on this website is copyrighted and is used by permission.


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