**With almost 60K residents in South Jordan and only 50 firemen, and 49 police officers, we will be left to taking care of our families, our neighbors and neighborhood.  CERT will help you be better prepared and know what to do in a disaster!

During a wide-spread disaster the first 72 to 96 hours will be faced without the help of emergency professionals.  The best way for you to prepare to effectively help your family and neighbors is through CERT Emergency Preparedness Training.**

Why come to CERT training?

Because CERT training will help you and your family be better prepared for disasters and other emergencies. You will also learn how to best help others. After a disaster, the professionals will be so overwhelmed that they may not be available for 72-96 hours or more. The rescue efforts will be up to us. You and others will want to help. CERT training teaches neighbors how to work together more effectively to save more lives and ease the hardship people go through until the professionals are able to get there.

What is CERT training?

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) was created in California to help people better get through a wide-spread earthquake disaster. The program is so effective that it is now taught throughout the country to help people with any type of disaster.
CERT is a seven session course focusing on the following concepts:
- General Emergency Preparedness
- Fire Suppression
- First Aid and Disaster Medical Operations
- Light Search and Rescue
- Disaster Psychology
- Organization
- Terrorism Instruction
- Simulated Disaster Exercise

Everyone 12 and older is encouraged to attend.

*Cost is $50.00 for personal safety gear, instruction is free. Anyone already CERT trained can review for free.

You can make a difference in a disaster when
first responders, like the fire department are
overwhelmed due to a significant emergency!!!

If you don’t prepare, who will?

Some of you are familiar with CERT and have a basic knowledge of what the training offers and why it’s a good idea to take it. For those of you who have not taken the training PLEASE consider it. In my opinion, CERT training is the most informative, and important training available for emergency preparedness. If you would like to “jump start” your family’s desire to prepare for emergency situations, CERT training is the key. CERT training was developed to train individuals and groups to organize, manage, and save lives during emergency situations and to do it SAFELY. We do not want to have to “rescue the rescuers”. The most important part of CERT is to save yourself and your family FIRST!!!

We live in a world that is dominated by thinking:
- someone else will do it and so I don’t have to worry about it
- I pay my taxes – the city, state or federal agencies have this handled
- nothing is going to happen here in Utah
- I don’t have the time or the desire to do this training
- etc, etc, etc. I’ve heard the excuses:
-yes, someone else has and will take this training, but do you really want to rely on someone else to save YOUR family? This is NOT the time to be a freeloader!!!
-South Jordan has a population of 58,526. Currently in South Jordan we have 50 police officers and 47 fire personnel – you do the math! The city’s emergency responders will be OVERWHELMED!!! CERT training is recommended by South Jordan City, South Jordan Fire Dept, South Jordan Police Dept., The State of Utah, The River Ridge Stake and the Federal Government. And of course by ME :)
-Emergencies happen every day. In Utah we seem to be waiting for the “BIG earthquake” but this is hardly the only emergency that has, can, or will happen. This year in the United States we have been hit by MASSIVE winter storms resulting in long term power outages, individuals being stranded on roads, at schools, at work, etc., food shortages in grocery stores, propane shortages, and more. Thousands have been unable to drink or bathe in their water due to wide spread water contamination. California has issued a State of emergency due to drought.
- Few of us feel like we have “extra” time or want to attend “another meeting”. Make the time!!! It’s important! Bring your friends and family, bring treats etc. CERT is long but it’s NOT miserable – I PROMISE!

Sheri’s CERT tips:
-bring a COMFY chair – I prefer my reclining Cabela’s camping chair (this reduces butt somnia)
-bring a water bottle and snacks – we do take a quick lunch and dinner break – but you want SNACKS!
-bring a pen and paper for notes
-dress comfortable (no Spanx or hose!) bring a jacket – we go outside to put out a fire
-invite your friends, everything is more fun with people you enjoy being with
-WARNING – they take your picture so do: brush your teeth!
If you have any questions you can contact Sheri at sheri@caffeinatedpreparedness.com.  For more information on CERT training check out the links to these websites: South Jordan, Be Ready Utah, FEMA


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