Powdered Milk and Powdered Eggs

WOW!  This class blew me away.  I had NO idea what could be done with powdered milk and eggs.  This is also a class that I was really excited for because in my house milk and eggs are staples and since I don’t plan on having a cow roaming around my backyard anytime soon this is a great option for me.

The best part of this class was learning how to make CHEESECAKE from powered milk and scrambled eggs that actually LOOK and TASTE like scrambled eggs.

I love Tami because when she decides to promote a product she doesn’t do it lightly.  She dives into finding the best products on the market for the best price!  She had several people using several different brands of powdered eggs and milk in their recipes to see what brands stood up to her standards.

I have posted her class handouts below:

Powdered Milk

Yogurt Tips and Recipes


Powdered Egg Handout

Powdered Milk Handout Recipes

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