This is my weakest page – in fact I almost didn’t make a page for Pandemic due to my lack of information, but we did a class in 2009 on the subject and after looking at the handout I decided it was worth posting.  Cynthia Cox taught this class and I have attached her handout below.

My only tips for preparing for a pandemic are to have lots of gloves, masks and eye protection available and at least a three months supply of food stored.  In the little bit of studying I have done on the subject I realized that the biggest problem with a pandemic is deciding when to quarantine your family.  Do you wait for the government to tell you to stay inside?  Should you start wearing masks and gloves as a precaution?  These are decisions that will have to be made so be prepared to make them and have the items you need to shelter in place for a period of time.

Pandemic Handout

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