Water Storage and Purification

Water is the most basic but most IMPORTANT piece of emergency preparedness in my opinion.  Clean water is essential for life.  I always suggest to people who are just starting out on the emergency prep. journey, to start with water.  It’s easy and it’s pretty inexpensive.  If you do nothing else, save your 2 liter bottles, fill them with water and put them under your bed.  Obviously this is the most basic step but it’s a start :)

Check out the class handouts below prepared by Tami Girsberger owner of Prepare My Life, for some wonderful information.  I have also included an information sheet for using Dry Chlorine.

Water Storage and Purification

Dry Chlorine Instructions

This class was taught by Tami Girsberger.  It is excellent!!!

Please be respectful and honest when using any information from these handouts and videos. Credit should be given to the those who compiled the information, presented the classes and to caffeinatedpreparedness.com. Some information on this website is copyrighted and is used by permission.


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