90 Day Food Supply

Jenee Uzelac and Afton Baxter did a wonderful presentation on 5 steps to a 90 day food storage.  It was a wonderful class full of amazing information.  They talked about several different ways to prepare and store foods.  Including how to save eggs for a year in your basement.  They went over vacuum sealers, pressure cookers, etc.  Thanks girls!!!


I have attached a video of the class below.  I know the sound isn’t great, you’ll have to CRANK the sound!!!  I have also attached their handouts below.  The handouts have several recipes included on them.  I’m working on getting the rest of the handouts typed up and they will be posted soon!

At the class Lynn told us about cardboard boxes that fit canning jars perfectly.  We had several people who were interested in them so I’m posting the information Lynn sent:

I found the canning jar boxes at Uline.com.  If you search canning jars it pulls up a link for canning jar boxes.  Click on that link and it shows all the sizes and prices in one chart.  If you search canning jar boxes, the page it brings up has the box sizes listed in individual charts and it isn’t as easy to read.  The boxes are 200 lb tested and very reasonably priced.  I love mine!!

Thanks for the heads up Lynn!!!


90 Days Food Supply

90 Days Food Supply – Recipes


90 Day Food Storage – Afton Baxter and Jenee Uzelac

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