Beans, Rice and Grains

We have all been taught to store wheat, beans and other various grains in our food storage. The problem lies in “Now What?” You’re storing them but are you USING them?

As a child the beans in my diet came from cans and even then it was usually only pork and beans. Soaking beans was a foreign concept to me. Black beans scared me, anything black couldn’t taste very good could it? The first time I used black beans in a recipe I took 90% of it to my neighbor before I tried it and guess what? As soon as I tasted it I wondered how tacky it would be to go get some of it back! Needless to say, black beans are now some of my favorites! The cost savings alone between buying beans in a bag vs. in a can is worth learning more about beans.

The classes we have had on beans, rice and grains have been so informational. I learned how to make “bean butter” as a substitute for fat in cookies etc. and Susan does a great job in her class going through all the different types of beans and how they can be used.

Hopefully these classes will inspire you to head to the basement and dig out those #10 cans and 5 gallon buckets!

Bean Handout

Bean Recipes


Beans-Grains Recipes – Class

Four Week Menu Planner – Blank

Four Week Menu Planner-filled in

Sara’s Recipe Book

Grain Class Handout

Bean Recipes

Bean Cuisine–adult class

Bean Cuisine

Bean Class Handout

This class was taught by Susan Bytendorp in October 2010

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