First Aid

First Aid is so important.  Not only do you need to have the education to help someone in need (most likely your own family) but you also need to have the correct supplies.    At the class we talked about the necessity of having your own first aid supplies available for everyday use and following a widespread emergency.  I’ve started to carry my first aid kit on vacations.  We’ve already patched up a teenage girl who wiped out on her long-board going down the Provo River Trail.  I was super happy I had all the supplies we needed and I’m pretty sure she was too :)

The star of this class was the amazing first aid kit that was put together with the knowledge of EMT’s, Nurses, Doctors and other medical professionals.  If you didn’t get one, you missed out.  Hopefully we will find the energy to put them together again.  It was a HUGE job!

Take a look at the list below of supplies you could put in a homemade first aid kit.

Prepare a Family First Aid Kit

Tami Girsberger did an amazing job on this class.

Melinda Anderson and Sheryl Dority wowed us with their nursing knowledge as they introduced the first aid kit. My favorite part was when Sheryl said “the reason you need this trauma kit is so when someone shows up at your door to help you following an emergency you will have the supplies that they need to help you!” Enjoy the class and their humor – you can tell they work well together and if I end up in the ER I know who I’m asking for :)

Here’s a list of the contents of the bandage packs, etc. First Aid Kit Contents
Here’s a copy of the order form Order Form April 2016

If you check out the current order form page you will find pictures of the kits.

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