Bob Koch taught several classes on nutrition for us. Bob was an amazing biochemist and he knew a lot about nutrition. My favorite thing about Bob was that he took everything in moderation. In addition to being known for his amazing knowledge of nutrition, Bob was equally known for his killer chocolates!!! Bob had an addition built onto his house just for making and dipping chocolates. If you read his handouts below you will become familiar with chia fresca. It’s a mixture of chia seeds and water that you can add to smoothies, etc. Bob put his in his Pepsi Free :) That’s why I love Bob the most! He lived a healthy lifestyle and had an alfalfa smoothie for breakfast almost every morning, but he also had his chocolates and Pepsi Free. BALANCE!!! Bob passed away last year and I miss him terribly. Not a week has gone by since his passing that I haven’t wished he were here to enjoy his incredible knowledge.

I have attached Bob’s handouts and I will attach a tape I have of his class soon. It’s not a great tape so I haven’t posted it previously but since this is all I have I’ll put it up as soon as I get it loaded on YouTube.

Sprouting at Home Feb 2010

A Few Choice Tidbits for Better Health by Robert Koch DSc

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