GoalZero to the Rescue

Reed Goal ZeroReed Goal Zero 2

My friends Reed and Paula went on an adventure last week.  They started with an ATV ride in Bear River.  You can see from the pictures they had their Nomad 13 solar panel hooked to their ATV to start off their trip.  They took it along to power their GPS.  Unfortunately they got stuck about 8 miles in and had to walk out.  As you can see from the pictures they grabbed their solar panel and hiked it out with them so they could continue to power their GPS and stay on the correct path to be rescued.  They survived their first adventure and continued their journey with less dramatic results.  The last picture I’ve included from their week of adventure was them grabbing the “rays” to charge their Escape 150.

Reed Goal Zero

Lessons learned:

1- Don’t ever forget your GoalZero!!!

2- Use your GoalZero in your every day activities, don’t wait for an “emergency”

3- Keep your GoalZero plugged in and ready to use to keep your battery fresh and ready to go!

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One thought on “GoalZero to the Rescue

  1. My friend Julia emailed me this comment, I thought I would share!
    We’ve been camping twice this past month and have used the Goal Zero products. They are the BOMB!!! We used the Escape 150 battery pack with 4 of the lights to light our camp and motorhome after dark. Also to plug our computer in to watch a movie at night. We used both the lanterns and torch lights, the speakers, the Boulder suitcase solar pan to charge the Escape 150 and both mini lights hooked up to the rechargeable battery packs. My entire family was impressed!!! That Escape 150 charged 80% in a half days time. I’m now really understanding how these products can be used for so many different situations.

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