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I found this letter buried in my inbox this past week.  I received it last April.  The Sister who sent it to me is AMAZING and I really appreciate her sending it to me.  Sometimes I start to wonder if it’s just me that goes crazy over this stuff and then I receive something like this:

Sheri …

I just cannot resist sharing this with you.

This past week we were camping near Zions Park with 3 of our children and their families.

I was amazed that all 3 children as well as ourselves had goal zero items and were using them.  And, here are some of the children’s comments:

“The Goal Zero stuff you gave us for Christmas is the best present we have ever had.”

“The light is my favorite item.  I hang it up every time I go camping with the scouts.”

“We always take the whole kit camping .. we’ve used everything!”

“This flashlight is the best one we have ever had.”  (referring to the torch light)

Sheri … thanks for all of your efforts in helping our Stake membership be better prepared.  R & I never would have considered Goal Zero for Christmas gifts if we had not been educated on its use at your Emergency Preparedness meetings … and at the wonderful pricing!!  We appreciate all you have done to help our family be better prepared.

Sister H

This letter means a lot to me.  Walking through life, you sometimes start to wonder if you are making a difference.  The long hours and naysayers bring you down and this emergency preparedness journey has certainly had its share of each of those.  These types of letters and comments keep me going.  Thank you to everyone who has sent me a an email, written a card, called me on the phone or searched me out to tell me about your emergency preparedness success.  It means the world to me!

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