Potatoes are Coming!

I have been getting several emails wondering if I am doing a potato order this year.  I finally have an answer for all of you!  I’m happy to announce that, YES!!!  I will be getting potatoes again this year.  I’m envisioning shouts of joy from all over the valley :)  I know I’m excited!  I LOVE our potatoes!!!  These are the same potatoes I have offered for several years now.  I don’t know if we will have reds but we will have Russets.  They will have dirt on them so they will store in a cool dry place until next spring.  These are SUPER fresh and don’t have all the nasty chemicals on them.  

I am doing things differently this year.  I am simplifying the entire process.  I am not offering delivery and I will not be taking orders.   The farmer will come down from Idaho sometime during the first or second week of October, depending on the harvest schedule.  He will be at my home in South Jordan for one to two days depending on how long his supplies hold out.  All you need to do is pull up and tell him how many bags you need and he will put them in your car.  You will pay for the potatoes when you pick them up. (not sure on the amount yet, but it will be about the same as years past, i.e. SUPER cheap!).   We will see how this system works this year.  I really want to offer everyone potatoes who wants them, but I just don’t have the time to put together an order and delivery like I have in the past.  Hopefully this is a win win for everybody!

Watch your email for the dates and times the potatoes will be here!  I would also encourage you to spread the word to all your friends and family.  We know how great these potatoes are and it is so nice to have the potatoes available to us.  We really need to make this successful for the farmer so he will continue to do this for us in the future.  I don’t have time to advertise like I have in the past so it’s up to YOU to get the word out.  Anyone who would like information on when the potatoes will be here should go to the Caffeinated Preparedness home page and sign up for email notifications.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

The next questions I will be fielding is, “will you be doing a chocolate and nut order this year?”  The simple answer is, I haven’t decided yet.  I would like to.  We all know how much I love our nuts and chocolate. I just can’t commit to anything right now.  I will know by the time the potatoes are here.  

I would love your feedback on group buying.  Honestly, if we have enough people still interested in group buying I will make it a bigger priority.  I’m just not sure where our group is right now.  Are you still interested in doing things like we have in the past?  The best way for me to gage how interested people are in group buying is the amount of people signing up for the email reminders.  Group buys only work if we have LARGE amounts of people wanting to participate.  If you are interested in participating make sure you are signed up on the email list and encourage others that are interested to sign up as well.  Lots of people who have been on my email list in the past have updated their emails or upgraded computers and my emails are not reaching them.  The best way to ensure you get my emails is to go onto the Caffeinated Preparedness website and sign up for emails.  This way your computer knows YOU want it and doesn’t put it in your spam folder.


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