Caffeinated Preparedness GoalZero Sales Event

It’s the time of year all of you have been waiting for… that’s right, it’s time for our yearly GoalZero event!!!  For those of you who own GoalZero products you know how great they are and can’t wait to get more!  For those of you who have been stalking the products online and in stores, the wait is OVER!  Join us for this yearly event, just in time for Christmas!  Give GoalZero to yourself, your spouse or anyone you LOVE!  Don’t miss this event!  Bring your friends and neighbors!

Caffeinated Preparedness

GoalZero Sales Event


Thursday, November 19th @ 7:00 p.m.

Hilton Garden Inn (277 West Sego Lily Drive, Sandy)

Come and take advantage of BETTER than Black Friday event pricing! Below MSRP pricing that can’t be advertised!

GoalZero specializes in portable solar energy products. Batteries and solar panels that will charge everything from your cell phone to your fridge and freezer! Solar flashlights, lanterns, generators, etc. Great for emergency preparedness, camping, boating, biking, traveling, etc.

For questions contact:  

Everyone is welcome to attend!

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