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christus-statue-1025369-galleryHere’s something fun for LDS ward librarians and anyone who has been frustrated with finding a certain picture in the Ward Library.

I created, with the help of my AWESOME and very smart husband, a database of all the pictures in the ward library. The LDS church hasn’t done it since 2008 and even then it was incomplete, so it needed to be done BADLY!!! I know the church is scaling back on what pictures are even available, but for those of us who already have them in our ward libraries, this is a HUGE help!

The database is a complete listing, along with picture and number, of every picture from all of the 11 x 17 inch pictures, Gospel Art Kit, Flip Picture Book, Primary Manuals, YM and YW Manuals. It has all the numbers listed beside the pictures so you can easily find the picture in any of the above mentioned places, depending on what pictures you have available in your library.  The ID# is the database ID#, you only need to use it if you are referencing the Picture Index or Temple Index.

I would suggest copying the PDF in color. It is approximately 56 pages and it cost me around $32 to color copy it at Kinko’s. A little pricy but I think it’s worth it. It is so much easier to tell what the pictures are when they are in color. You shouldn’t have to replace this book very often if you put all the pages in plastic page protectors and then load them into a binder.

When someone comes into the library looking for a specific picture or a picture to go along with a certain topic you can easily find the picture, look up the number or let them flip through the book to see what will work best for their lesson.

This is NOT a professional book. I did my best to make it AWESOME but some of the pictures were not available on any of the church websites to insert into the database and I had to take a picture of a picture, not my favorite! I think it’s a pretty awesome book but it does have flaws. I also have no idea how many copies of each picture YOU have in your library so you will need to fill that part in manually.

The book is sorted by:
Old Testament
New Testament
D&C and Church History
Gospel in Action

If you look at the index you will see that each picture is also categorized by other topics (i.e. Priesthood, Daniel, etc.) You can look up where you will find all the pictures of Joseph Smith, etc. in the index. Use the ID# to find pictures in the index. If you load the PDF on your iPad, phone, etc. you can use the search field to search for certain categories.

I also listed all the Videos/DVDs that are currently available from the church and also any I had in my library.

Anyway, I hope you like this book as much as I do! I think you will.

Download the following documents:

2013-08-31 Library Pictures v2 - This is the full picture database

2013-08-31 Picture Index - This helps to look up pictures by subjects

2013-08-31 Temple Index - This index lists all the temples in alphabetical order so they are easy to find by ID#

2013-08-31 Library Videos v2 - This is a listing of all the DVDs/Videos




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